Do you provide dinner or dinning service ? May I drink coffee in your place?

Sorry!, Besides breakfast,we dont have dinning service or open for no-reservation guests!

But during dinner or lunch (overnight guests only) time ,we have free pickup service to nearby ShiZhao downtown (2kms,2mins driving, 10 restaurants ,2 convenience stores) ! 

You can try local cuisines there and all restaurants will inform us to pickup you when you finish your dinner !


Do you provide breakfast? Can we eat breakfast before sunrise?

Yes, Free Vegetarian breakfast every day !

We served rice porridge and toast,herb tea,coffee around 3am~4:00(guests who want to see sunrise)  and fresh juice ,home made vinegar at 7am~9am.


We are vegan. Are there vegetarian restaurants nearby? Can you prepare vegetarian breakfast?

We are vegetarians ,too. We offer free vegetarian breakfast everyday! You will take you to nearby restaurants during dinning time. 達官快炒,石桌小館,和平快炒 can prepare vegetarian food!


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