1.From Sun  Moon Lake  

a.You can take YuanLin Bus from Sun Moon Lake to Alishan Park at 8:00,9:00 and arrive Alishan Park after 3.5hrs. You can put your luggage at tourist service center opposite  7-11 or Alishan small train station then visit Alishan Park first. Or take any bus down to Fenqihu,Chiayi Railway station(7322),HSR Chiayi station(7329) from the same bus station to Lauya and visit Alishan Park again with sunrise on the next day but remember keep the ticket receipts. The last bus is at 17:10 from Alishan Station to Lauya,you have to buy ticket on the bus to ShiJhuo station but ask the bus driver to align a bit earlier at ShanHuDi station (上湖底站,神禾園 64.8k of Alishan Express), don't forget to press the bell when you see the milestone at 65.5 k of Alishan Express to remind the bus driver to stop. The bus will stop right in front of our garden after 30mins bus driving(64.8k of Tai No.18 Alishan Express) from Alishan Park (89.5K of  Tai No.18 Alishan Express).  Lots of bus stops were not shown on the Bus website but you still can align on your way from Chiayi to Alishan Park.  YuanLin Bus service line: +886-49-2770041 

b.If you cannot catch the early bus to Alishan Forest Park from SML:
Take the bus from Sun Moon Lake to Taichun Railway station or HSR Taichun.
And take High speed Rail from HSR Taichun to Chiayi HSR then take free BRT bus to Chiayi Railway station or take the railway from Taichun Railway station to Chiayi Railway station.  When you arrive Chiayi front station.Check the right fornt side and you can find the bus station.Take the Bus to Alishan and align at ShangHuDi station(64.8k of Alishan Express).The last bus is at 14:10.