How to arrive Lauya from Airport?

The way to Lauya from airport :

BRT or MRT to HSR station -> High speed Rail to HSR Chiayi station ->Bus or Taxi to Lauya


1.Airport ->High Speed Railwy->Bus->Lauya

If you arrive Taiwan at Taipei (TPE) airport, please buy the bus ticket to HSR TaoYuan Station (統聯客運,NT20,15mins). Then take the HSR from TaoYuan station to HSR Chiayi station(65mins).

If you arrive Taiwan at Kaohsiung Airport(KHH),please take the MRT to HSR Zuoying station(10mins,NT43). Then take the HSR from Zuoying station to HSR Chiayi station(35mins).

High Speed Rail Timetable & Fare

2.HSR Chiayi Station ->Lauya:

There are 3 ways to Lauya from HSR Chiayi station:

1.HSR Chiayi station ->Bus->Lauya (120mins,NT234 per person)

2.HSR Chiayi station ->BRT to Chiayi Railway station >Bus ->Lauya (160mins,NT184 per person)

3.HSR Chiayi station ->Taxi ->Lauya (90mins,NT1800 for 2pax)


a.Arrive HSR Chiayi Station before 13:10  (台灣好行-A line)

Go to Exit No.2 at HSR Chiayi and you will see Alishan bus terminal. Then take a green bus titled with "阿里山 7329"  to Alishan at 10:10,11:00,13:10 at HSR Chiayi  and check the LED stop screen to get off the bus at ShangHuDi station(上湖底站, 64.9k of Alishan Express) .  Don't forget to press the bell when you see the milestone at 64k of Alishan Express to remind the driver to stop. The bus  will align right in front of our garden (64.9k of Tai No.18 Alishan Express).
It takes about 2 hr from HSR Chiayi station to Lauya and cost about NT234.
If you arrive HSR Chiayi station very early ,you still can keep you HSR ticket and take the free BRT bus to Chiayi Railway station then take the bus to Alishan and align at Lauya.(See the following section).


b.Arrive HSR Chiayi Station over 13:10   (台灣好行-B line)

Go to Exit No.2 and check the right side to take free BR (Bus Rapid Transit) to Chiayi Rear Railway Station. After 15mins ,you will arrive rear (back) Railway station, then go to the the front railway station after a sky bridge to find the Chiayi Bus station which at right side of Front railway station to take bus up to Alishan and get off the bus at ShangHudi station (上湖底站,NT184,90mins) where is right in front of our door !   
Remember  you have to buy tickets to FuShan Station and align at ShangHuDi Station(上湖底站, 64.9k of Alishan Express) and the last bus is at 14:10. 
Dont forget to press the bell when you see the milestone at 64k of Alishan Express to remind the driver to stop. The bus will align right in front of our garden.
It takes about 1.5 hr from Chiayi Raiway station to Lauya.

Railway Schedule 
Real-Time Bus GPS Position
Bus Schedule of Big Alishan Area
Real Time Bus information APP in Taiwan 


3.Taxi to Lauya

The last bus to alishan is at 14:10  from Chiayi Railway station.If you cannot catch the last bus ,you can take a taxi to our place.
The reasonable rate to Lauya (64.9km of Tai.18) is NT1800 from HSR Chiayi station for 2pax in day time.
You can book taxi with Miss Hu(+886933-358-086 ,Line id:0933-358-086, if you want to arrange a pickup from Chiayi.

Bus to Lauya will be more easy for most customers who want to visit Alishan.

Please take notes of our service number +886-928618654 (oversea) or 0928618654(Taiwan)  if you have any drouble on the way to Lauya.






Please take notes of our service number +886-5-2562341  if you have any drouble on the way to Lauya.

Address :  No.301-3, Leye Sec., Leye Village, Alishan Township, Chiayi County 605, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
GPS : (120.7115235,23.4744728)



Bus Schedule of Big Alishan Area

Bus to Lauya directly

After taking long small train and arrive FenqiHu finally. You can put your luggages at Fenqihu station or Conner Shop oppsite 7-11 then visit old downtown , forest trail ,enjoy local food first then take bus (Line 7329,7233,7302 to Alishan not Chiayi ,Bus Schedule) to Lauya.Remember to get off the bus at ShanHuDi station (64.8K of Alishan Express) and you will see our garden. The Fenqihu bus station is next to small train museum and small train station.Please wait for the bus at No.1 Parking Park during weekend instead of Fenqihu bus station.

Taxi to Lauya

Besides waiting for bus ,you can also visit the Conner Shop opposite the 7-11 near Fenqihu station and put your luggage there and book the taxi with the lady boss (ShanShan :+886910366851 or Mr.Chen:+886-933356851)then take you back  to Lauya after  you finish your trip at FenQiHu(1~2hours walking time). Please inform Miss ShanShan to call us if you want to join the trip  tours and share the pickup cost with our other customers who want to see the sunset at ErYanPing or enjoy the very famous YuPasit restaurant. Then we will be able to  arrange tours with you with less cost before you arrive Lauya. If you want to see chushan sunrise the next day,you can also buy the next day sunrise ticket at FenqiHu station before 16:00 every day. If you cannot  buy ticket before 16:00 at Fenqihu station or Chiayi station, you still can buy sunrise small train ticket at Alishan Small train station half hour before the first sunrise small train.